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Thank YOU Dear Friends!

Thank you for supporting your local library by participating in the Summer of Streaming!

You no doubt saw the SOS Variety Show with some of my friends and I creating, enjoying and presenting all kinds of silly shenanigans including magic, comedy, balloon animals, and other FUN stuff.

As a special BONUS to our participating libraries, we are offering this special bonus page of MAGIC tutorials videos. These easy-to-master tricks appeared in the show, so we wanted to ensure you had access to review them and they secrets.

Be sure to practice them thoroughly BEFORE performing them for your family and friends.

Again, my heartfelt appreciation for you and your family. Have a GREAT summer!

Tim Mannix, Entertainer


What People Are Saying!

“This gentleman was great! Not only did he keep the attention of a full room of kids, he also had the grownups entertained and amazed. His quick wit & sense of humor enhance his obvious talent. I recommend him for anyone and everyone’s upcoming events.” – Laura W., Fresno

“I enjoy your show for a number of reasons:

  1. I like that you dress up to play the part, as it helps kids step out of their everyday life into a place of more imagination, as that is what we aim to develop in kids through reading as well. Appearance adds a special dimension to a show, like drawing them into another world.
  2. I like how you incorporated books as part of your magic show, even teaching them a bit about Dr. Seuss as a person, etc.
  3. I like how you interact with the audience with a sense of humor, keeping in the moment with their reactions to the show. Humor I think is terrific in any show, especially with magic.
  4. I like all your gizmos, as they add interest.
  5. I like seeing the kids get a chance to participate and feel good about themselves trying something new without any embarrassment. You provide lots of good audience participation.
  6. Of course I love your bunny. I love that the kids all get to pet him at the end.

Thanks for a great show!”

- Wendy Klemin, Library Assistant, Orange Cove Branch, Fresno County Public Library


“I'm convinced Tim Mannix actually has super powers. Go see his show!!!!”–
Hollie McGlaughlin, Fresno

Spoon-to-Fork - Trick Tutorial

Learn an easy-to-master magic trick where a spoon magically turns into a fork. The spoon is wrapped in a dinner napkin and when unrolled, mysteriously transforms into a fork.

Hypnotic Straw - Trick Tutorial

Master this simple-to-learn magic trick where a DRINKING STRAW gets mysteriously hypnotized. The straw follows your directions as if it is under your complete control.

Slap Dash - Trick Tutorial

Learn a fun-to-perform coin trick where a COIN magically joins its counterpart. Two coins, one in each hand, astonishingly end up together.

Roll Up - Trick Tutorial

Effortlessly learn this simple-to-learn magic trick where two colored papers magically change positions. One paper is clearly on TOP of another, yet when unrolled, it is now seen to be UNDERNEATH the other!

Come Back Coin - Trick Tutorial

Learn yet another easy-to-master COIN trick where ONE of two coins is removed from your closed fist, yet the coin TRAVELS back in the hand.


An accomplished magician and seasoned comedic performer, Tim Mannix consistently delivers 100% entertainment regardless of the size of the event or venue. Witty, wry and apologetically irreverent, Mannix will not only charm your audience but have them in stitches with his unique blend of gob-smacking magic, laugh-out-load humor and unpredictable onstage antics.His performances are typically peppered with lots of audience participation making it much more fun for the entire family.

Don't miss all the fun. Bring the family out to enjoy the show and celebrate the magic of reading at your local library this season 2020!


Live performance of comedy magician and illusionist Tim Mannix at Hollywood's world famous Magic Castle performing for both kids and adults.

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Groucho Marx Comedy Reading Quote Poster.png
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Comedy magician Tim Mannix performs his very humorous magic act at the 2018 Nugget Fringe Festival in Grass Valley, California winning a "Most Polished Performance" award.

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